Getting Old Is Murder – thoughts after reading

Getting Old Is Murder

Author: Rita Lakin

Publisher: Dell

Edition: Paperback

Getting Old Is Murder introduces us to Gladdy Gold, Florida’s oldest PI.


  • I’ve loved The Golden Girls since I was little. Do you think that I would turn down a series about older women, in Florida, investigating murders? A main character who, like Bea Arthur, was Jewish, and like Dorothy Zbornak, fond of books/mysteries?! I would rather die.
  • My husband and I love Publix. Wraps from the deli and cupcakes from the bakery are dear friends of ours. I’m sad to say that we have never witnessed the excitement that the girls see while browsing through the aisles. It’s a shame.
  • I love Gladdy. I love Denny. I love Hy. This book is full of hilarious, wonderful, ridiculous, senile characters.
  • Did I know the identity of the killer? Yes. Did I mind? No. Investigating with Gladdy Gold was a pleasure.
  • Gladdy and her girls are so much fun. I’m looking forward to returing to Fort Lauderdale, where there’s sure to be more trouble in paradise.

Rating: 5/5