Death by Dumpling – thoughts after reading

Death by Dumpling

Author: Vivien Chien

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Lana Lee is back at Ho-Lee Noodle House, working for her mom, and avoiding conversations about her love life.

After delivering dumplings to Mr. Feng, Lana finds herself at the top of the suspect list. The staff at Ho-Lee knew of Thomas Feng’s shellfish allergy, so how did he end up with shrimp dumplings?

A few weeks ago, I was rushing through the Hannah Swensen series. My last post was about the thirteenth book, and I made it to the sixteenth book before giving up.

I couldn’t stand the love triangle anymore, so I read the spoilers for the next few books in the series, and I don’t regret it.

After realizing how things turned out, I didn’t want to continue the series, and I’ve been so sad about it.

After a week or two of avoiding my bookshelf, I hobbled over to it, defeated, and apologized for letting one series ruin our relationship. We’re close, you know?

I needed something different. I had no interest in reading about bakeries, or tall, supposedly unattractive redheads (who still manage to have three men chasing after them?!).

Anyway, that’s what led me to reading Death by Dumpling. Also, who doesn’t appreciate a good book cover? This one is beautiful, especially if you live to eat instead of eat to live, which is relatable.

What I did like about Death by Dumpling:

  • The setting. I love Cleveland.
  • The main character, Lana Lee, is twenty-seven, self-deprecating, and likable.
  • Lana’s best friend and roommate, Megan. She’s my favorite character.
  • The mystery, culture, family dynamics, and drama. Also, the noodles.
  • I’ve never craved dumplings like this before. Unfortunately, the shrimp dumplings that killed Thomas Feng sounded the most delicious, and I felt guilty for drooling over his demise. Send prayers (or carbs).
  • Kimmy Tran had an awful attitude and was one of the least likable characters, but at the end, I had a better understanding of her situation, and realized that she wasn’t as bad as I thought.
  • The epilogue! I love happy, sappy endings.

Rating: 4/5