Plum Pudding Murder – thoughts after reading

Plum Pudding Murder (Hannah Swensen, #12)

Author: Joanne Fluke

Publisher: Kensington

Edition: Hardcover

When the owner of Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot is found dead, Hannah searches for the person who didn’t want Larry Jaeger to see the New Year.


  • I like Halloween, but I love Christmas, so even though it’s “spooky season,” Bing Cosby’s White Christmas is on my mind. I was excited to read a Hannah Swensen Holiday Mystery.
  • Joanne Fluke described the decorated storefronts on Main Street, and when I closed my eyes, I could picture the falling snow. I was in heaven (or Lake Eden).
  • After making and devouring White Chocolate Pumpkin Dreams, I’m convinced that Joanne Fluke is the queen of cookies. I’d love to live in her kitchen.
  • I was laughing out loud while Delores explained to Hannah that she used to tell her and Andrea to whisper the hymns in church because their singing was terrible (relatable). It reminded me of the karaoke night in Cream Puff Murder, and I started laughing harder. I’m not sure if I was wheezing because I was running on little sleep, or because it was just that funny, but I’m going with the latter.
  • While Andrea was buying a tree for Tracey’s class, Norman bought one for Hannah. You have to love him. It’s the law.
  • I can’t talk about a Hannah Swensen Mystery without mentioning Moishe. In Plum Pudding Murder, he’s terrorizing Hannah’s Christmas tree, and putting an end to every bird (ornament) in sight.
  • I’m happy for Norman’s mother, Carrie, because after years of being alone, she’s found love again.
  • Once again, Hannah solves the mystery, and Mike is there to save her at the last minute. I’d love to hate Mike, but without him, Hannah would have to borrow some of Moishe’s nine lives.
  • The next book in the series, Apple Turnover Murder, takes place in June, and I’ll be sad to leave the winter months behind. Not too sad, though, because few things beat spending time in Lake Eden.

Rating: 5/5