Books Can Be Deceiving – thoughts after reading

Books Can Be Deceiving (Library Lover’s Mystery, #1)

Author: Jenn McKinlay

Publisher: Berkley

Edition: Paperback

When Lindsey’s best friend, Beth, finds the body of her ex-boyfriend, the local chief of police is convinced that Beth had everything to do with his death.

Lindsey knows that if she doesn’t do something, her friend will lose her freedom, and Briar Creek will lose a librarian.


  • After reading (and loving) 50% Off Murder, I wanted to try another one of Jenn McKinlay’s books. While looking for the second book in the Good Buy Girls series, I found the Library Lover’s series, and just knew. When you know, you know, right?
  • Taking place in October, Books Can Be Deceiving is perfect for a quick and cozy read.
  • I love Lindsey, the main character, but her friend, Beth, is my favorite.
  • In 50% Off Murder, Claire has a cat named Mr. Tumnus. In Books Can Be Deceiving, Beth has two cats, Slinky Malinki and Skippy John Jones. Librarians should be in charge of naming every pet (and child).
  • I wish that I had a Milton in my life. My grandpa is in his eighties, too, but I’ve never caught him in the downward-facing dog.
  • I love when the mystery is the main focus, but family, friends, food, and a cozy setting play a big part.
  • If I could spend a day anywhere, it would be in Briar Creek, Connecticut, inhaling Mary’s Clam Chowder. See you there?

Rating: 5/5