50% Off Murder – thoughts after reading

50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls, #1)

Author: Josie Belle

Publisher: Berkley

Edition: Paperback

When Claire Freemont, one of Maggie Gerber’s friends (and a fellow Good Buy Girl), is framed for the murder of an old flame, Maggie knows that she has to do something before Claire is sentenced to a life behind bars.

Between working, couponing, and attempting to prove her friend’s innocence, Maggie has a full plate. Who would stab someone in the small, sleepy town of Saint Stanley, Virginia?


  • As soon as I saw 50% Off Murder, I had to have it. It was love at first sight.
  • Maggie has a great sense of humor and has been added to my list of favorite characters. Ginger made the list, too.
  • Claire has a cat named Mr. Tumnus and the police still suspected her? Amateurs.
  • I was hoping that Summer Phillips was the killer. Unlikable is an understatement.
  • I like Sam. I’d like him even more as Maggie’s significant other.
  • Although Maggie currently works for Dr. Franklin, I’m sure that he’d like to retire, and I hope he does. Maggie would love owning St. Stanley’s thrift shop, and I’d love the setting.
  • What’s better than a book that you can finish in one sitting? Not many things.
  • There aren’t any recipes at the end of 50% Off Murder, but there are tips for saving money, and I love a bargain.
  • I’m excited for the other books in this series. Josie Belle (or Jenn McKinlay) is a new favorite.

Rating: 4/5