A Peach of a Murder – thoughts after reading

A Peach of a Murder (Fresh-Baked Mystery, #1)

Author: Livia J. Washburn

Publisher: Wheeler

Edition: Large Print

Phyllis Newsom, retired schoolteacher, is too busy preparing for her chance to win the cooking contest at the upcoming Peach Festival to be distracted by the death of a no-good local.

When one of the judges drops dead after tasting her peach cobbler, Phyllis knows that she isn’t responsible, but who is?


  • The house of retired women (and Sam) reminds me of The Golden Girls.
  • There will never be another Blanche Devereaux, but Eve does what she can.
  • A new form of torture is reading about the food at Parker County’s Peach Festival while you’re hungry.
  • After Donnie was murdered, the town seemed to forget about Newt?
  • For the first time, I don’t have a favorite character. Maybe it’s because there aren’t any animals.
  • Phyllis and Sam’s friendship is sweet. If they don’t end up together, that’s okay, but I hope they do.
  • At the end, I was surprised and sad, and I’m not sure that I’ll read the others in this series. Still, I recommend A Peach of a Murder and won’t soon forget it.

Rating: 3/5