Carrot Cake Murder – thoughts after reading

Carrot Cake Murder

Author: Joanne Fluke

Publisher: Kensington

Edition: Hardcover

Carrot Cake Murder, the tenth book in the Hannah Swensen series, introduces us to more of Lisa and Herb’s family.

The happiness surrounding a visit from an unexpected family member turns to horror when Hannah finds his body, cold and covered in her carrot cake.


  • I have so many other books to read and series to start or catch up on, but I can’t put the Hannah Swensen series down.
  • After reading the previous book, Key Lime Pie Murder, I mentioned missing Moishe and his antics. In Carrot Cake Murder, Moishe is destroying pillows and waking up the neighbors. Ask and you shall receive.
  • Lisa has never heard of S’mores?
  • Learning about Norman’s past made him even more likable and human (as Hannah put it). He’s still one of my favorite characters.
  • Norman bought a Kitty Kondo for Moishe. To make it even better, he purchased it in one of Hannah’s favorite colors. Mike brings Moishe a six-foot-tall flamingo that belonged to Ronni Ward. Based on these gifts alone… Come on, Hannah.
  • The ending was exciting and one of the best in the series. The killer tips Hannah out of her canoe, into the water, and she has to try to escape/swim to safety. I loved the suspense.
  • Delores was writing a book. Get it, Delores!
  • Carrot Cake Murder includes recipes for Rocky Road Bar Cookies and Black Forest Brownies. I was drooling.
  • Cream Puff Murder is one of the next books that I’ll be picking up. I have no shame.

Rating: 4/5